Can I revise or cancel my order?

Once an order is placed it is a commitment to purchase. We cannot cancel a feeder insect, live reptile, amphibian, spider, or scorpion order. Our workflow absolutely prohibits the ability to cancel so please make sure of what you are purchasing before you submit your order. Thank you. Baby tortoises on sale cheap

When will my LIVE ANIMAL order ship?

Live animal orders placed Monday through Thursday by 12 PM EST ship the same day via FedEx Priority Overnight Delivery. We will do our best to ship live animal orders received after 12 PM EST the same day. Live animal orders placed from Thursday after 12 PM EST through Sunday ship on the following Monday.

Where are my tracking numbers?

Depending on the notification you selected tracking numbers are emailed or sent via text (SMS) after 5 PM EST on the day your order ships.

What are your shipping costs?

2023 Shipping Rates
We have held Live Animal Shipping fees the same for 3 years but due to a huge increase in 2023 Fedex Overnight Rates as well as substantial increases in packaging material costs we have been forced to increase fees slightly for 2023. Please note we go beyond what most reptile companies offer using the highest-end insulated boxes, heat packing (winter) or cool packing (summer), and even expensive tech cryo-paks when necessary and available.
Live animal orders – $44.95 Fedex Overnight Priority Delivery + $12 Box & Packaging Fees (2023 $6.95 Total Increase)
Frozen Feeders – $39.95 Flat Rate (up to 100% fill of the box)
Live Insects – $15.95 for First Live Feeder Quantity and $7.95 For Additional Live Feeder Quantities

What do FC and CB mean in the reptile and amphibian option fields?

FC means Field Collected and CB means Captive Bred.

How quickly should I feed my new snake, lizard, scorpion, or tarantula?

We recommend, once you receive the animal that you provide a minimum of 48 hours of acclimation into its new environment before attempting to feed. However, fresh water should always be available. Please make sure you are using the proper types of prey items and the proper sizes of them. Baby tortoises on sale cheap

What is the date of birth of the animal I received?

Due to the volume of animals we ship we do not keep date of birth information and in many cases we simply don’t have this data.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, at this time we do not ship outside the contiguous 48 states.

If I live in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or outside the contiguous United States, can I purchase Live Animals, Live Feeders and Frozen Feeders?

Live animals, live feeders, and frozen feeders cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or outside the US.

How do I know my order has been shipped?

You will receive a tracking number via email or text depending on how you registered your account.

Where is the rest of my order?

Some items, due to size, weight, or production schedules, ship separately. You will receive a separate tracking number for these items.

Do you have a Live Arrival Guarantee for LIVE ANIMALS?

Live reptile and amphibian orders are covered under a Live Animal Policy which appears as a tab on every animal page on our website. We recommend you read it completely so that you are aware of all aspects of having a reptile or amphibian shipped to you.

Can I see a picture of the LIVE ANIMAL I am buying?

Pictures shown on our website are a representation of the animal you will receive. As these are live animals there will be aesthetic variations. Due to a huge daily volume of requests for photos we offer photos only for animals over $500 and only when you are prepared to purchase that animal on the day of request.

Can my LIVE ANIMAL be sexed?

Yes, for animals that can be sexed, we offer that option right on the sales page. Please note some animals cannot be sexed.

When will a product or animal be back in stock?

Every page with an out-of-stock reptile, amphibian, scorpion, or tarantula will show a “Notify When Available” button. Clicking this button will allow you to set a notification for text, FB messaging, or email immediately upon it coming back into stock. We highly recommend using this service as animals that come back into stock tend to sell out quickly. baby tortoises on sale cheap

When will my LIVE FEEDERS order ship?

Crickets ship in 1 to 3 business days depending on supply which is currently challenged. All other insects ship Monday to Friday and normally within 24 hours.

Do you have a Live Arrival Guarantee for LIVE FEEDERS?

While we use proper packaging methods and boxes for live insects there are no live arrival guarantees on any live feeder shipment that goes via priority mail. If you would like a guarantee we have an option to overnight deliver your insect shipment for $30. Please contact us and we will invoice you for the overnight fees.

When will my FROZEN FEEDERS order ship?

Frozen feeders ship on Mondays, as follows: Orders placed Monday through Friday ship the following Monday; orders placed Saturday and Sunday ship the Monday of the week after the next.

I live in Florida, do you have a store I can pick up from?

While we ship overnight to all 48 contiguous states we do not have a store open to the public.

Why did I receive an email from you?

Your email address is either listed with us as someone who has expressly shared this address for the purpose of receiving information in the future or you have registered or purchased from our company.

How can I stop receiving emails from you?

Each email sent contains an easy, automated way for you to cease receiving emails from us, or to change your expressed interests. If you wish to make modifications, simply follow the instructions at the end of any email. If you have received an unwanted, unsolicited email sent via this system or purporting to be sent via this system, please forward a copy of that email with your comments